6 Fun Facts that You Probably Didn't Know about PAW Patrol

Paw Patrol fever is sweeping the nation, but there are things you may not have known about this popular tv show and live touring act.  We've gathered some of our favorite little known facts. Impress your kids, co-workers and maybe even your friends at your next dinner party with these cool facts!

Not even sure who the Paw Patrol is? For shame... Start with the basics here

Here are your Paw Patrol cool facts:

1. Spin Master president Ben Gadbois confirmed that the sixth season is "already in development" during the company's 2016 Fiscal Conference Call. Paw Patrol is barely starting it's fourth season in 2018, so we're excited to know that these pups will be staying around with us for a while! 

2.  Spin Master Entertainment, a Canadian toy production company, owns the intellectual rights to the show! Spin Master is best known toys such as Hatchimals, Etch A Sketch, Zhu Zhu Pets and Tech Deck (those cool little finger skateboards super popular in the early 2000s) among many, many more.

3. The show was created by British TV producer, Keith Chapman.  He us also the creator of the late 90's kid show Bob the Builder - which came back on PBS Kids in 2015 (with a completely new look). Mr.Chapman knows how to create awesome series considering Bob the Builder currently has 355 episodes! (Bob sure has matured!)

Bob the Builder Old vs New

4. You’ll notice the “PAW” in the official Paw Patrol shield logo is written out in all capital letters. Spin Master filed trademarks in which PAW is an acronym for “Pups at Work” and “Protect and Wag” but decided not to use it for any marketing or ads. YET. There's more seasons to go so who knows what Spin Master has in store for the franchise.

5. Paw patrol can be seen in over 160 countries! Talk about being popular! Paw Patrol is clearly a show that is world approved. These pups are highly recognized in Europe, mainly in the U.K. and France where they have a huge following.

Mayor Humdinger and the Kittastrophe Crew

6. We mentioned that Paw Patrol is a Canadian production. Did you know that in Ontario, Canada, a law limits you to having six cats and three dogs? Well, now it makes sense that Mayor Humdinger has six cats in the Kit-tastrophe Crew! Any more and he'd be in legal troubles! More than he already gets himself into anyways...


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