DIY Star Wars Character Costumes for Kids

Halloween is approaching and the force is strong.  Your kids want to be a Star Wars character and you don't know where to start.  First, breathe.  It's going to be ok.  

We have all been there.  We're here to help with some great (easy, and inexpensive) ideas even for the most novice DIYer.  Your kids will have a great Halloween, score a lot of candy and be the envy of all their friends in their homemade Star Wars costumes.

Yoda Costume for Kids

This Costume Easy it is.  Ok, that was a terrible Yoda-ism but you got the point.  Start with an all in one hoodie/mask and add brown pants, a robe and maybe some green hands/feet to add some effect.  But, don't forget the cane, light saber and a touch of green make-up before calling it a day.

DIY Yoda Costume for Kids

Stormtrooper Costume for Kids / Groups

The key with this one is to keep it simple with a bunch of white clothing.  Find some cool white pants (maybe even sweat pants) and add some depth with some sharpie (if you're feeling dangerous).  Accessories with white gloves, white boots or boot covers, a utility belt and finally our Stormtrooper Hoodie with Mask which finishes off the costume.  This is a great costume for a group, too! 

Stormtrooper Costume for Kids

Darth Vader Costume for Kids

This is a perfect addition to your Stormtrooper group costume.  And with pretty much the opposite them in mind - the key is finding items in black to accessorize with your Costume hoodie.  Purchase some black gloves, a black cape and black boots which are essential for this costume to work.   Buy a toy light saber or make one on your own at home.  This Darth Vader costume is easy and fun!  On the plus side, your little one can enjoy the costume hoodie long after Halloween has ended. 

Darth Vader Costume for Boys

Chewbacca Costume for Kids

Are you trying to avoid a big expense (and hassle) with a full head to toe Chewbacca suit? Yes, aren't we all.  Check out this Costume Hoodie complete with a faux fur print!  Purchase some furry slippers, gloves, a satchel, brown face paint and voila!  Your little one has been transformed.  Just be ready for the Chewbacca sound effects to continue all throughout Halloween.

Chewbacca Easy costume for Kids DIY

Let us know which Star Wars character you dress up as this year!

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