Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and Captain America Costumes for Kids

We all know looking for a costume is a huge ordeal, and if you're like us, buying a store bought, cookie cutter costume, is well.... boring. 

Don't despair here to rescue you (sense a theme here?)!.  Here is your guide to creating a fun, unique, and inexpensive DIY costume for Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America for your little one.  Enjoy!

Iron Man Boys Costume:

Think Red!  Gather up red pants, red gloves, red shoes or boot covers from the costume shop, Iron Man Costume T-Shirt and an Iron Man Mask (if the hooded tee isn't enough for you).  Pro Tip - buy some silver/gold duct tape and jazz up your pants and gloves to give a high tech feel!

 Iron Man Costume for Kids

Spider-Man DIY Costume:

Is your spidey sense getting stronger?  Get yourself a Spider-Man Hoodie T-Shirt or Toddler Costume Hoodie and accessorize with blue pants, a mask if your little one requires it and some awesome Spider-Man boots/gloves.  If you're really daring you can pick up those toys that shoot sillystring / spider webs. 


Spider-Man Costume for Boys and Toddlers

The Incredible Hulk Toddler Costume:

Hulk Smash!  This is a fun one and you may have some of these already (if your toddler is already a Hulk fan).  Grab an old pair of Jeans or Jean shorts and cut them to give them a ripped look, add a Hulk shirt (with or without a hood), Hulk Hands, a cool wig and some green face paint. This is a fun one and super easy and inexpensive.

Incredible Hulk Costume for Toddlers

Boys Captain America Costume:

This costume can be a bit more involved if you're looking for a bigger challenge.  Let's get the must-haves out of the way - the recognizable shield and mask.  Now get creative - find/make yourself some fingerless gloves, over shoulder straps (maybe make out of an old belt?), boots and of course a branded Captain America Shirt.

Boys Captain America Toddler Costume


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  • Mitch

    To all those arguing about Cap pulling off Spider-Man It’s all about holding back Spidey has the best name/record in the history of holding back strength if he were to use his real power here he would’ve ripped Cap apart.

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