Family Travel Guide to LEGOLAND California

Tips to going to Legoland

Book your tickets online and in advance – ESPECIALLY during busy seasons.  We have always been able to find deals or coupons.  Do some research online, your local supermarket or even your child’s school.  It’s rare that we ever pay full price and/or get the kids in for free at the very least

Lodging – To get the full Lego experience - Legoland Resort Hotel is your place.  But, expect to pay a pretty penny for the atmosphere and park convenience.  But, you’re on vacation right??   If that is a bit out of your range, there is the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa.  The rates are a more reasonable and they sometimes offer package deals with the room and park tickets (just in case you didn’t already get a good deal on those).  This hotel also has a private entrance to the park which definitely helps you get in quicker.

Plan your route!  With the newly introduced Reserve ’N’ Ride you can pay a bit extra and make a ride reservation.  We haven’t personally done it, but if you want to get on as many rides as possible this is definitely something to look into.  If you don’t plan on using this, check out the online map.  It’s pretty useful – so do a little homework and check it out in advance to map your route – and most importantly- the food and bathroom stops.

Pack your bags – bring food, snacks, water (double check that this is still allowed) and be sure to bring extra clothes and one of those small quick dry towels.  There are some water rides, so unless you want to walk around soaked all day come prepared.  You can pay to dry off in a huge drying machine.  (on second thought, maybe bring some plastic bags to protect your money, too :-) )

LEGOLAND® Water Park – if you do get to Legoland in the Spring/summer time – consider checking out the water park (check out the full Calendar here) is here .   It’s on the smaller side and from what we could tell, its maybe not a place to spend an entire day.  But, everyone we have talked to have had a great time at this park and what kid does not love a fun day at a water park.  Check out park hopper deals if you’re interested in going to both parks.

Check out this very helpful Legoland FAQ to stay up to speed on the most current rules of the park.

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