Get To Know All The Characters from Shimmer and Shine

By Rachel "La Tia", Blog Contributor
Shimmer and Shine is an American TV series created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz in 2015 has been on Nickelodeon for 3 seasons (at the time of this article). The CGI show follows two twin genie-in-training sisters attempting to grant a human’s wishes. As they are learning their powers, they often get the wish wrong but work together to solve problems that their faulty magic has caused.  So who are Shimmer, Shine and Friends?  Read on and impress your little ones.
Shimmer is an optimistic genie that loves collecting genie bottles. She enjoys cleaning and has a fondness for glitter. She’s a dreamer at heart and always cheerful no matter what. She has blue eyes and pink hair that you cannot miss. She owns a monkey named Tala who is a great dancer.
Shine is a courageous genie. As an animal lover, she has extensive knowledge about animals and their behavior. She is often hungry, regardless of the situation. She has purple eyes and blue hair. She owns a Bengal tiger that can skillfully play the keyboard.
Leah Anne Marie Thompson is a blonde human girl that owns the bottle in which Shimmer and Shine reside in.  She’s patient with the twin genies and is very forgiving. She’s logical as she likes to plan before action and is straightforward.
Zac is a human boy who is Leah’s best friend and neighbor. He’s a boy of a carefree nature and can be pretty goofy at times. He’s not phased with the magical world around him and tends to compare it with situations from his own life. He learns Leah has genies, so he gets one of his own, named Kaz.
 Princess Samira
Princess Samira is the ruler of Zahramay Fakks, the magical world where all genies come from. A sense of guidance, she is also the mentor figure to the genies that are currently in training. She is the most powerful genie in the magical land and believes in the power of friendship.
 Zeta The Sorceress
Zeta the Sorceress is not a genie as her name faithfully states. She’s jealous of Princess Samira’s skill and dropped out of the magical school, Genie Hall. She relies on magic potions and items to do her bidding. Luckily, she’s not really good at being evil.
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    I love your post but there are clearly more characters than this. Like Imma or princess Adara. There are even more so I would like you to add more here.

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    I love this show

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    I think this is really helpful my kids knew that the show was cancelled but never knew the characters right they only assume by personalities but now they know this helps them a lot

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    Amazing go shimmer and shine! And human boy!

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    Hi, we are twins too. we are a big fan of shimmer. we like glitter

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