Get to Know the Characters from Dreamworks Trolls

By Rachel "La Tia", Blog Contributor
Troll dolls, originally created by Thomas Dam, were actually created in 1959. The dolls were highly popular and sold well in various countries.  They made a comeback in the 80s and 90s (who doesn't remember having a giant collection and shaking that crazy hair to make it stand up!).  Out of the blue, it seemed, it made a resurgence in 2016 with the animated film, directed by Mike Mitchell.  Now, Trolls have picked up steam again and have released a Netflix original series. 
Now that your kids are watching the show, we figured it would be a perfect time for you to learn (or get a reminder from your childhood) of all of the characters your kids will be talking about in the Trolls series.
Poppy is the Princess/ Queen of Trolls Village. A fun loving positive ruler of the Trolls, nothing matters more to Poppy than her friends’ happiness. Unfortunately she may even annoy them by attempting to achieve that goal. She is also the leader of her main friend group - The Snack Pack.
Branch was an anti social troll before he became a part of the pack. After going through a life-changing adventure with Poppy, from the first movie, he’s slowly learning to show love by accepting own his troll-ness… He still isn’t a big fan of the hourly Hug Time.
Cooper definitely stands out from the crowd, quite literally as he has an extremely long giraffe-like neck. His entire body is fluffy and he and walks on all fours. He is always enthusiastic and loves to show off his slick dance moves whenever music plays.
Biggie is the biggest member with the biggest heart. He is super emotional and has no problem with crying happy tears. He loves dressing up his pet worm, Mr. Dinkles. This little guy breaks the fourth wall by speaking to the audience with a deep booming voice. In front of the trolls he squeaks. He can also somehow make cupcakes despite missing the necessary limbs… (You're just going to have to go with it and not question these things).
Guy Diamond
Guy Diamond is the comic relief character of the group.  He loves glitter - Lots of it.  I’d say gallons full but he’s only mere inches big. Glitter is released when he shakes or does other things...(you're just going to have to watch to find out what those other things entail). He is also a living, breathing disco ball whenever DJ Suki starts an event.
DJ Suki
DJ Suki is the village’s DJ (seems obvious, with a name like that, right?). Everyone sings in the village but she sets up all the instruments to play along with. She loves to get the party started and is most whole when providing upbeat dance music. Fun fact: All of her DJ equipment is made of entirely out of insects.
Satin Chenille
Satin & Chenille are two twin sisters attached from their hair. Fashion is their passion. Whenever in frame, you’ll notice that their clothes are flamboyant and always extravagant.
Bridget is a Bergen who happens to be Poppy’s best friend, after she helped her overcome self-esteem issues and find true love. She is currently the new queen of the Bergens after the first movie.

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