Get to know the heroes and villains from PJ Masks

It's time to learn more about PJ Masks, an animated children’s television show based on the Les Pyjamasques book series by Romuald Racioppo (which first appeared in 2007). The television series debuted on Disney Junior in the United States in 2015 and receives input from the original author (who is also the creator of the show), Racioppo.  Season two began in the beginning of 2018.  The plot revolves around three 6 year old friends that transform into super heroes at night. They carry special amulets that turn their pajamas into super hero costumes that also give them special abilities. 

Now that you have a brief history, let’s get to know each of the main characters!

 Connor from PJ MasksCatboy from PJ Masks

Connor aka Catboy: Connor is the leader of the PJ trio. His amulet transforms him into a blue cat costume with ears and a tail. He has the abilities of super-hearing, super-jumping, and super-speed - just like a real cat! His biggest flaw is that he’s impulsive which can give the villains an edge during battle. Overall, he's smart, energetic and loves his friends. Along with a cool costume, he also drives the Cat Car to get him to locations of distress.

 Amaya from PJ MasksOwlette from PJ Masks

Amaya aka Owlette: As her regular day self, she wears glasses and a red dress. After her transformation, she gains feature of, you guessed it, an owl. Her eyes allow her to see objects that are far away - so there is no need for those pesky glasses, her wings manipulate wind and her strong claws allow her to carry things. She uses the Owl-Glider to swiftly move around. Owlette can be a bit impatient at times and prefers to act quickly in situations. She loves birds (not a big surprise there) with her favorite being, you guessed it, owls.

 Greg from PJ MasksGekko from PJ Masks

Greg aka Gekko: His costume is a green reptilian that gives him a tail and fins on the top of his head. His super abilities allow him to go invisible, have super strength, amazing climbing ability, and he can even run on water. He can travel using the Gekko-Mobile which allows him to blend into his surrounding and travel underwater. Greg's downfall is that he can be distracted easily as he tends to be in his in own world. As Greg, he can be insecure, but as Gekko he is bold and strong. 

 PJ Robot from PJ Masks

PJ Robot: He is a robot created by Romeo to spy on the PJ masks.  Purposely made to appear cute, friendly and unsuspecting, he easily wins over the trust of PJ Masks. Although this secret mission works for awhile, PJ Robot begins to care for the heroes and changes his mind about being a villain. Although we never hear PJ Robot speak, he does express his emotions silently with his screen/face.

 Romeo from PJ Masks

Romeo: He is one of the main villains of the series. He is a crazed, mad scientist with the main goal of world domination with the use of his inventions and robots.  He wants to rid the world of PJ Masks.  Although, intelligent and creative, he is  cold and determined on making the world love him, oh and world domination.

Night Ninja of PJ Masks

Night Ninja: He is another one of the villains that wants to take over the PJ Mask Headquarters. He rarely ever engages in combat and leaves his henchmen, the Ninjalinos to do this. He wears a full body costume covered in stars and has an overachieving goal is to be best at everything.

 Luna Girl from PJ Masks

Luna Girl: She can sometimes be a villain or an anti-hero depending on the situation. She’s always being followed by Luna Moths whom she cares deeply for. Luna is greedy and takes whatever she wants. She’ll easily express her anger and frustration, but despite her negative aspects, she’s very artistic and intelligent.  Luna Girl's favorite mode of transportation is her Luna Board which allows her to hover (when are they going to make this available in real life?!).

 Wolfy Kids from PJ Masks

Wolfy Kids: The trio consists of Howler, Rip, and Kevin. These villains turn into werewolves whenever a full moon is out. They love to cause trouble in the city and mark their territory. They enjoy stealing vehicles and making secret dens. They have the ability to "Sonic Howl" which causes objects to move away from them.  Oh, and be sure to stay away from their sharp claws!

Who is your favorite PJ Mask character and why?


  • Tobiloba Gold

    Cat boy

  • Luke Dalton Ruark

    I like Conor because my favourite couler is blue and I like cats

  • Jase Bell

    Catboy- because of super cat speed

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