Get To know the DC Super Hero Girls

By Rachel "La Tia", Blog Contributor

What if the superheroes that we know and love were transformed into relatable teenagers that go to high school? By relatable teens I, of course, mean super power wielding individuals. And by high school, I mean Super Hero High. DC Super Hero Girls is an American animated web series, created by Warner Bros, that is currently hosted on YouTube. That is about to change, and your kids are going to soon be begging you to watch this show.

With its popularity online, mixed with the nostalgia of Superwoman and success of newer titles with Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, the series will soon be launching on Cartoon Network in the Spring of 2018.  With the focus on female superheros, the show is clearly being marketed as superheros for girls, but that doesn't mean everyone can't enjoy it.  This show may be new to you but your kids probably already know all about it.  Here's your quick guide to the main characters of DC Super Hero Girls.

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman, who you may already be familar with from her blockbuster movie, is a natural courageous born leader, she comes from paradise island of Themyscira, a place full of warrior women. Wondy, as she is called, uses her modified Themysciran steel shield, bulletproof bracelets, and lasso of truth to make the world a better and safer place. She’s eager to learn more about Earth lifestyles.







 Batgirl is a genius tech wizard. She was accepted to Super Hero High solely based on her intelligence. Her skill sets include martial arts expertise, well-honed detective skills, and amazing technological smarts.







Bumblebee is a character you will probably be less familiar with.  She is an energetic social butterfly (insect pun intended), selfless and believes in the powerful effects of teamwork. Her powers include shrinkability (if that isn't a word, it should be), sonic blasts, and enhanced strength. She uses her abilities to spy on villains to ensure that her team is prepared for whatever may come.



Harley Quinn



Harley Quinn, who you may remember from her self-titled movie, is a quick-witted acrobat that can get herself in and out of trouble using her limber skills. She’s a proud class clown that dedicates herself to pranks and puns. This unpredictable jokester makes it her job to create fun.







Supergirl (not to be confused with Superwoman) is a kind and noble person; she is always ready to save the day and help others even when it means risking her own life in the process. Her personality can be clumsy but she is no klutz when it comes to wielding her powers that include heat vision and super-strength.









Katana loves to blend her love of art and fashion to create a killer look. Fearless Katana is a skilled martial artist and a skilled swordswoman. She considers her blade a part of her.





Poison Ivy



Poison Ivy is a garden misfit.  She gained her earth-based abilities from an experiment gone wrong. This shy science genius can not only control plants but also accelerate their growth. She enjoys being a part of the science club as she has a fondness for chemistry.




Take a look at Cartoon Network to check out the show here.

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