Just in Time for Valentine's Day: Grateful Dead Songs Appropriate for Kids

By Rachel "La Tia", Blog Contributor

The other day I was thinking about how to get my nephew to share my interests in music. I was raised with Grateful Dead and I would love to pass on the musical torch and let him experience one of my favorite bands.  With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I thought what better way to introduce him to this genre than with some love songs.  But, for anyone who is familiar with Grateful Dead, knows there may be some songs that may not be ready for just yet.  So I combed through their albums (yes, albums!) to find the top 5 kid-friendly Grateful Dead love songs I could jam out to with my nephew.  Maybe we'll also grab a pint of Cherry Garcia, just because.  

Corrina was recorded in 1993 but released in the 2009 album Road Trips Volume 2 Number 4.

"If, what, where and how
Don't mean a thing to me
I would love you even if
You flew away from me
I'll just stand here waiting
On the far side of the sea
There is no fear that lovers born
Can ever fail to meet"

 Easy To Love You from the album Go To Heaven in 1980

"Little stranger, don't try to hide now
You look so young and you're afraid
There is no danger but from the devil
And he may want you but I'm in his way
You don't know how easy it is
You don't know how easy it is to love you"

 From The Heart Of Me from their 1978 studio album, Shakedown Street.

"Love calls echo in the valley Dream come true tonight
Remembering you hold me tight
In tomorrow morning's light
I will find you
When I awoke the stars were out
And shining, shining for you and me
All I ever want to be
Safe and warm
In your arms
All I have from the heart of me"

They Love Each Other from Jerry Garcia’s standalone album Reflections from 1976. Technically not Grateful dead but it’s a song that needs mentioning

"Lord, you can see that it's true
He could pass his time, around some other line
But you know he chose this place beside her
Don't get in their way, there's nothing you can say
Nothing that you need to add or do
They love each other"

If I Had A World To Give also from their Shakedown Album. It’s an awesome album, don’t blame me

"If I had the world to give
I’d give it to you long as you live
Would you let it fall or hold it all in your arms?
If I had a song to sing
I’d sing it you as long as you love
Lullaby or maybe a plain serenade
Wouldn't you laugh, dance, and cry
Or be afraid at the change you made"

If you think we missed any age-appropriate Grateful Dead songs feel free to leave them in the comments below!  Rock on!


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