How to Personalize Your Costume Dress for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and we know that putting an original costume together can get kind a bit hectic. We currently have a selection of costumes for your little ones that will set them apart from their friends (who got one of those prepackaged ones). We have shirts with capes, bodysuits, costume dresses, and regular t-shirts to help with your costume-buying experience.

We sell the costume, but it's your job to accessorize and give your costume that extra pop and unique look. We've complied a couple of our favorite costumes with accessories to act as a thought starter.  You do the rest.  Enjoy!

For the classic Wonder Woman, her tiara and arm bracers are iconic, and who could forget her golden lasso of truth? Add high top red boots for a signature look.

Wonder Woman Classic

The newest movie version of Wonder Woman carries along a lasso but has a different variation on her accessories. Her tiara points downwards and her arm braces are more detailed. She also wears a more detailed arm cuff. Add some boots or gladiator sandals (or sandals you already own) and you're all done! 

Wonder Woman new

The Supergirl costume has several different variations based on the comic book, tv series, animated show, etc..  We decided to mash up a couple of these for a unique look. Be sure to have red tights and long blue gloves. Have a blue headband to keep the hero's hair back and a mask to hide her identity! 

Supergirl costume

Who could forget Batgirl?  Our Batgirl costume dress has an attached cape so it's one less thing to worry about.  A pair of yellow boots would be a perfect addition to this costume, but you wouldn't believe how hard they are to find.  An easier (and cheaper) solution is to find boot covers.  Wear black tights and put on gauntlets to complete the whole super hero ensemble. Don't forget the mask or else her identity will be found out!

Batgirl with accessories

We have non-superhero costumes, too!  Our current Hermoine costume has it all- the cape, the tie, and the sweater all in one (and the cape is detachable!). That does not mean you can't accessorize to make it your own.  The younger Hermoine would often wear knee high grey socks and black mary jane shoes. She is always prepared so why not add a simple wand and of course on those chilly trick-or-treating adventures an iconic Gryffindor scarf would be perfect.

Hermione Costume  

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