7 Reasons Why You Need a Rain Poncho in Your Life

Jackets and umbrellas are the obvious go-to's when wet weather comes, but have you considered a rain poncho instead?  Let us convince you of how great rain ponchos are and why you need them in your life. 

1. They are lightweight, Compact, and Easy to Pack! Ponchos don't take up much space as they're made of a thin durable film of plastic that can easily be folded up for storage and ready for use at a moment's notice.

Sisters running away from rain

2. Convenience. Ponchos allow you to have your hands free to do whatever fun activity you're doing in the rain! 

Wind pushing umbrella upward

3. Less Expensive Option. Ponchos are smaller investment for those specific situations you're going to want to use it.  But, they're just as effective! 

Rain falling on NFL fan

4. Amusement Park Rides. Trust us, you don't want to use an umbrella on your favorite water ride.

Keep Dry on Splash Mountain

5. Protects your other belongings.  It may not look the coolest, but ponchos are great at keeping your backpacks, purses and other belongings from getting soaked.

Rain Poncho covering backpack

6. Not just for Rainy Weather.  Use for your next painting project!

Rain Poncho

7. Style! Anything that's functional and fashionable is a huge plus!  Check out all of the character prints we have to offer for kids and adults.


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